Selfies and Sextapes - Social Media Oversharing

We all have those friends on Facebook, don’t we? They share pictures of their face, their families, their food and they repeatedly complain about every detail of their life - whilst also complaining about people not keeping out of their business. I wonder if they see the link between the amount they share and the amount people take interest… Or maybe I’m just being whacky? I digress.

In Update Episode 9 ‘It Starts With a Sextape - Social Media Oversharing’ we take a look at why people feel the need to let loose every detail of their life on social media, what they get from it and why oh why are we so obsessed with celebrities on social media?!


What is social media oversharing?

It’s pretty simple really - it’ll about sharing a bit TMI (too much information) on social media. People have fallen into the habit of updating their friends, family and followers on every insignificant moment of their life. Or, what’s worse, they’re making moments that should be private, public. 

But why!? Why are people doing this!? This article explains how people are simply trying to express their ‘true selves’. The example they give is a guy with a pathological inability to express simple human kindness to others might still want to be thought of as a nice guy - he finds it easier to be nicer online. 

That being said, their has been a recent surge of (mainly) young women coming forward and explaining how their whole online persona is fake. In the podcast we discuss Essena O’Neill, an Australian teenager who quit social media; she described it as “contrived perfection made to get attention”. In her revolt against Instagram, she deleted upwards of 2000 photos, leaving 96 posts which she dramatically edited the captions of.

Essena O'Neill edited many of her Instagram posts to highlight how social media posts do not show reality.

Essena O'Neill edited many of her Instagram posts to highlight how social media posts do not show reality.

 Obsessed with celebrities

Maybe the average Joe or Joanne are feeling more inclined to overshare on social media because they’re seeing their favourite celebrity do it… And there’s no doubt celebrities are oversharing on social media. Take a recent selfie from Kim Kardashian or J Bieb's famous naked bum boat picture (which has now been deleted), for example… Image your Auntie Karen getting away with that kind of behaviour on Instagram! 

Many celebrities (social media celebrities and run-of-the-mill actors and singers) continuously post pictures because they’re actually getting paid to do so. That’s right! That watch you’ve just bought because your favourite celebrity tweeted a recommendation for it, they were getting paid to do so… They probably don’t even wear it… Do you feel cheated?

Now you’re probably thinking, “how much can they even make from tweeting a photo?” A lot is the answer. We played a little game at the end of the podcast (that I lost but we shan’t go into that) where we had to guess how much different ‘celebrities’ (and I use the term loosely here) got paid for various posts on various social media platforms… You can imagine how shocked we all were at the fact Oprah got paid $12 MILLION for ONE TWEET explaining how you can still eat bread on Weight Watchers. TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS… Imagine that. Don’t worry though, in the UK it is now law for Video Bloggers to state if they are being paid for a brand promotion.  



Talented or talentless?

Now, before I start making this point - I’m not talking about the traditional actors, presenters, musicians… Of course they have a talent. I’m talking about the people who make a large proportion of their income on social media, whether that’s ‘vloggers’ on Youtube or pretty people on Instagram… Do they have a talent? 

We had differing views about this in the podcast and you’re going to have to listen to it to find out who thought what! 

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