Virtual reality has been around for a while now, at least since the 1950’s; but widespread adoption has always been hindered due to a lack of technological advancement, user hostile devices and overpriced hardware. These issues have been the bane of the VR community, causing each resurgence of interest to suffer the same fate. But that doesn’t seem to be happening this time, could it finally be here to stay?

In Update episode 7 we discuss the differences between virtual and augmented reality, where we see the future of both technologies going as well as some of the more interesting uses of current devices.

Kickstarting the Revolution

It seemed that each time there was an interest in virtual reality it always died an early death, however all of that changed when a guy called Palmer Luckey became fed up with the inadequate offerings of consumer VR devices and decided to build his own - The Oculus Rift. After a few iterations he started a Kickstarter campaign in order to gain the funds to provide 100 “build it yourself” kits. This caught the interest of John Carmack, founder of Id Software who requested a version for himself, made some modifications and demo’d it at E3 to thousands of people which generated a surge in interest. The Kickstarter campaign went on to raise $2.4 million dollars (974% of it’s original target) and the rest is history. 

Not just for Gaming

While the majority of people will be purchasing an Oculus to immerse themselves in video games, we discuss some of the other uses this technology can have. Ranging from visual therapy for people suffering from PTSD, interactive educational experiences that offer so much more than traditional storytelling and even artistic expression in a virtual environment. 

One of the more novel ideas is recreating the experience of going to the movies by allowing yourself to be immersed in a virtual theatre, complete with chairs and a screen that will play any movie of your choice. What’s more, all of the usual distractions have been removed, no one talking over the movie, no more mobile phones! Could this be the future of movie releases?

VR is so the 1950s

Obviously VR and AR are becoming big, but we thought it would be necessary to take a look at some of the earlier offerings that didn’t quite take-off, but still contributed to the VR scene we have today. We talk about offerings from Nintendo that bombed as well as SEGA. There have been many attempts at cracking the market but nothing that has the technological advantage that they all have now. 


Porn, could be a legitimate way that helps VR and AR hit the mainstream. Porn was what pushed VHS instead of Betamax. There’s no reason that this couldn’t be the deciding factor on what takes off, or more specifically which one takes off. There are porn companies already creating content for Oculus and Google Cardboard, and someone may have already experienced them… Find out who by listening to the podcast!!!

And if all of this hasn't convinced you to have a listen... Maybe finding out about these photos of Shaun will tempt you:

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